Feed the Homeless Program

The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Peace be upon Him) declared: None is a true believer until he wants for his fellow human being what he wants for himself. Driven by this declaration, IIT founded its Feed the Homeless program in Ramadan 2007, serving 125 cold meals once a month. Members congregated at the Center after the Fajr Salah, prepared sandwiches, made meal bags consisting of the sandwiches, water, bananas, and muffins. Today, IIT is proud to announce that we serve over 1,200 hot meals a month to the homeless community downtown by partnering with the Los Angeles Mission. Instead of cold sandwiches, we now cook chicken curry and rice, and serve meal packages twice a month!

IIT was honored by LA Mission’s Kimberly Battaglia and Eric, Head of Kitchen for our Feed the Homeless Program. We feed 1200 hot meals every month and we cook and serve at LA Mission kitchen.
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